How the journey began

Our departure to Namibia in August 2019 marked the beginning of our voluntary service and a new chapter in both of our lives:
We decided to spend a year abroad in Oshipeto, a small rural village in the very north of the country, where we taught at a boarding school.

During that time, Tom wrote his song “Till the Morning Light” that paints a story of finding closure with old chapters in life and starting into new ones. A situation that represented our outlook on life fairly well during our voluntary service.

When we received the message that our voluntary service would end prematurely due to the corona pandemic it suddenly put us in front of another new beginning and a bunch of unanswered questions:
As a way of finding closure with our time in Namibia, we again shifted our focus to “Till the Morning Light” and made it into something special:

We decided to have the song professionally produced at a studio. Based on the song, Sebastian also came up with a concept for a music video that picks up on the theme of the song cinematically, encompassing retrospective footage from Namibia, as well as footage from Germany.

We are glad to have found a way of letting other people partake in our experiences and to share our memories with people, who might be in a similar situation.

Till the Morning Light

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Till the Morning Light

Till the Morning Light

Tom Karl


Our greatest thanks go to all the great people who made Till the Morning Light possible:

Jan Lohse
Timo Deutschmann
Marvin Loepert
Marco Cavalleri
Felix Dransfeld
André Weihrauch
Andreas Kübler
Xaver Willebrand
Eric Krause
Ulrich Klauke
Theresa Rode
Jan Hilkenbach
Johanna Frommelt
Erik W. Glas
Julian Schlangenotto
Eli Kogan-Wang
Julia Leiber
Hanna Bodenstaff


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